This really upgraded my regular tomato sauce for pasta, I am never going back the old way!

Thank you for sharing it and also for the newsletter and cookbook recommendations!

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thank you! i actually have about six roma tomatoes just sitting on my counter that were delivered in my last amazon grocery order by mistake. now i can use them for something. idk why i didn't think to make sauce, i guess because i always use canned tomatoes for that.

cooking is a passion of mine and it makes me so happy to read about others finding happiness in it too. <3

ps, YES SALT ALL THE THINGS. diamond crystal is my go-to and a huge box costs so little, and it makes food taste good but not "salty." i got a little glass rabbit dish from target's $1 section around easter years ago and i use that for my "salt cellar" haha. it's this one [not my photo] https://www.flickr.com/photos/128016608@N06/40664362082/

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This recipe rocks, this art rocks, Sohla rocks

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